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GROW YOUR BUSINESS while you find

more time to get outside.


You've got professional guides, trips to amazing places and a deep knowledge of your destination. 



Clients can trust you'll lead them on an epic adventure safely and that they'll leave with lasting memories. 

But with a global pandemic that's grounded flights and halted the adventure travel industry, you're up against a mountain of challenges. 

  • You're juggling country and state guidelines for health protocols and adjusting group sizes

  • Clients are scouring your website for assurance of their health and safety

  • You're looking to attract a more diverse client base as more people want to venture outdoors 

The good news is people around the world are itching to get out on the trails, on the slopes and in the water. In fact, demand for adventure travel is expected to skyrocket in the coming years as the world adjusts to more small group and nature-based tourism. 

With the right inbound marketing, you can: 

  • Assure potential clients they can safely adventure with you 

  • Get them stoked enough to click that 'book now' button

  • Direct them to you out of the crowded lift line of other adventure options

  • Reflect your outdoor expertise in a way that aligns with your brand voice

You just need the language to calm fears while boosting their adrenaline

That's what I'm here to do. 

Hi, I'm Megan. I'm a copywriter for the outdoor industry. I write to inspire people to get outside with you, whether on a surfboard, skis or out on the trails.

With a background working in adventure travel, I use writing to get people dreaming about your adventures and YOU get a line-up of new and returning clients. 

Ready to get after it? Book your free 15-minute consultation. 

Having more time to get outside is the reason you started a business in the first place, right? 



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Brianna Bischofberger, CEO
SeaCare In-Home Care Services

If you don’t know Megan Marolf, you should. Hiring Megan has been one of the smartest moves my company has done. The level of creativity and hard work Megan brings to her projects is outstanding. She has single handily increased our web traffic with blogs, SEO, and back links by over 40% in the last 7 months. She is inquisitive, a fantastic communicator, and overall an asset to our team. She is constantly educating herself on the latest trends and best practices, ensuring her end product is of the highest quality. We highly recommend Megan to any company looking to improve their over all web presence. 

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Rick Waggoner, Editor-in-Chief
Ocean Blue Project

Megan is an excellent copywriter! Her conversational style breaks down walls and opens hearts. We look forward to working with her for future content.

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Services & Rates




With MCM Adventure Copywriting, you'll get: 

  • Copy that captures your target audience

  • Formatting to keep customers engaged

  • Consistent and compelling copy to build your brand of adventure

  • SEO that helps you climb to the top of search engines

  • Original content ideas 

  • Proofreading to maintain your professionalism 

  • Royalty-free images

  • Lingo that appeals to outdoor enthusiasts




The Alpine Start-

Email sequences 

Build trust and interest in the adventures you have to offer and get people to start packing their gear! 

Starting at $50 per email 


Cold Smoke- 

Blog & Article Writing

Get current and potential customers to look to you for information and inspiration, like how to find that epic Montana pow. 

Starting at $250 (for 800 to 1,000 words)


The Green Room- 

Website Copy 

Web copy for outdoor businesses can make all the difference in being seen by Google and your clients. Get in the barrel with copy that converts. 

Starting at $300 per page



Tacky trails-

Social media ads, opt-ins and newsletters 


Priced on a per-case basis

*Ask me* about how you can save with bundles and monthly retainers!


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About me

Hi, I'm Megan. 

If you're looking for a copywriter for your outdoor adventure business, I'm your gal. 

Similar to many in the outdoor and guiding industry, I've held down my fair share of jobs. 


From building trails in Montana to booking ski tours in Japan, I know both sides of adventure travel and what it takes for companies to stand out. 

People want to feel safe, taken care of and valued as more than just another client. More and more, adventure travelers want to see a story and the values behind a business.

Outdoor adventure gives people the chance to connect with their environment and the people around them in the moment. It's a unique opportunity in the digital age, and that's what I love most about getting outside.  

I want to use that passion to help your business grow! 

Words can do that. 

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Exploring the magic of Japow


Crossing the Chile/Argentina border by foot in Patagonia